For me raw materials are most important. Basic products, by definition, must be of high quality but that is what they often lack. That is why we bring sugar from Korea, vanilla from France, cinnamon from Madagascar, cherry from Poland and salt all the way from Peru. Since the opening and up to present day we have been looking for perfect suppliers of raw materials. For example, “Stepnaya Koroleva” flour has been our partner for over a year and it has always had the highest level of quality.

The second most important point is partnership. You will not believe how important understanding between partners is when you have made a mistake or something has been counted in a wrong way. That is when you start cherishing them as the family jewels. For example, we have been working with coffee houses network “Double Be” for over a year and they are not just partners for us now; they are a team of like-minded people led by Anna Tsfasman, whom I adore, because she is a person of her word. The third important point is knowledge. You can organize production intuitively but it is much easier to do with some basic knowledge. Bread starter, sourdough and yeast – that is where the secret lies. No one has warned me that it is very difficult to make 100 loaves of bread from one bread starter, and when I reached this conclusion myself, it appeared that nothing will work without well-coordinated team and the word of God. "Glavhleb" is not only a family business; it is also a team of professionals. Three years ago, I did not think about such a big production, but only dreamed about a small family-run workshop, but it turned out that now every morning we provide more than 50 shops with our bread and pastries.