If we talk about our friendly team, you should learn a few parables. If you want, you can call them fables, but with their help you will be able to catch the essence of what I want to explain to you. So, the first one. You have been wounded at the battlefield, you are bleeding and waiting for help… Is it important at this moment, who will apply a bandage in order to stop the bleeding? No?! That is exactly why Slavs, Balts, Jews and Asians work together in our workshop. Christians, Muslims, Jews and atheists work and try to reach the same goals together. What is important is their competence, skills and ability to work in a team. Story number two. If you dig for gold, which is more important – a nugget or a lot of processed barren rock? The same is in our bakery: people come and go but only those stay, who we are not ashamed of and those who do not feel ashamed of the place they work at. And one more story. Once a Frenchman, Andrea, came to our bakery for a master class. He was moved by the fact that we recorded everything he was doing and saying. He said laughing into his beard: “Guys, you should talk to the bread, all the answers are on its surface”. That is how we switched from copying the recipes to creation of our own bread and pastry recipes. Believe me, tremendous work has been done already and will be done in the future, so that you have tasty food. That is why this is great to be “Glavhleb”! We are always really pleased when guests come to visit us. We give them a coat with “Favourite guest” inscription and it is almost a tradition of “Glavhleb” to treat the guest and show him everything.