Who would have thought that baking will become an essential part of life for my family? For us it is adrenalin, battle-field, and palm of victory. It is enthusiasm which has come from a desire to make tasty food and to feel free to answer the question: “What is in there?”. Mock challenge: “Will you dare?”, “Can you do this?” - resulted into a conviction that bread and bakery goods should only be made of natural raw materials. In the situations, which made us stumble at first, we were able to find friends who shared their recipes with us. And wherever we were able to win right away, we began to learn from experienced bakers. More or less clear pattern came up from our “garage” bakery during the first year. My wife Anastasia was of great invaluable help. In the most unpleasant moments she told me: “This bakery is of a great value for our family! Come on, you will make it!” And every morning I went a made.

Of course, it was not that simple. I read and am still reading everything related to this sphere. If there is not enough information, I call my friends, who are familiar with the topic, and ask them. Meanwhile, within three years that our bakery exists, three new independent bakery projects were launched, based on our bakery, and we trained plenty of great bakers. They compete to the utmost. I often see fellow tradesmen who are tired of competing and who are now working with ready-made mixes. But the tiredness is too similar to the defeat. You need to go on. My initial attitude to the quality, traditional recipes and origin of raw materials is stable. My motto on the logo of the bakery is, in fact, the crucial rule of our work: “We guarantee the best quality”. Is it easy to set up a bakery and follow this rule? Of course, not. But I am an engineer, I worked as assistant baker and for 11 years have been head of “Technoflot” company, which knows design process and equipment inside out. Is it possible that I give up and use ready-made mixes? No way! I will be happy if due to our persistence and example, family traditions of bread baking and good attitude to the customer become popular again.